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When I moved to Hong Kong, my mum sent stories to my children about an imaginary mouse that lived under her garden shed. She decided an adventurous mouse could spark their curiosity in muddy English hedgerows when they lived in a 14th floor apartment.

I kept the flimsy airmail pages, appointed myself as editor and publisher, and found an illustrator to bring the wildlife from the veggie patch, compost heap, and riverside of my mother’s imagination to life. In 2017, I surprised her with a published book, 20+ years after her original stories were written. In 2018, we collaborated to publish a second book.

After the success of these first two books, Mum put pen to paper again and we published a third book in November 2020.

Helping my mother, Jo Coker, become a successful author in her 80's has been an amazing journey of mother/daughter shenanigans.

As I've been teaching myself about websites, social media and book marketing, Mum has been conquering the art of radio - recording the series for a storytime show on Cotswold Radio.

If you have young adventurers in your life, introduce them to Henry the Field Mouse, and if you are interested in an adventure of your own in the publishing world, we'd be happy to share our new-found expertise!

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