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The Power of Scent.

CWC Columnist I Stephanie Weager I 23 Feb 22

We do not have noses for nothing! The sense of smell or Olfaction is the special sense through which smells or odours are perceived.

The sense of smell has many functions some of which protect us from danger, or hazards.

Pheromones also plays a role in the sense of taste.

Those who are unfortunate enough to lose their sense of smell, and Post Covid appears to be a casualty to the nose for so many, miss out on so much.

Smell or scent whether pleasant or otherwise is a natural part of everyday living.

Researchers have discovered that we respond strongly to smell in the limbic brain. This is the part of the brain that deals with emotions and memory.

When inhaled the scent molecules from powerful aromas, like essential oils, send information about these molecules to the olfactory bulb which ruse from the nose to the base of the brain.

The power of essential oils which are natural fragrant essences extracted from flowers, bark,roots, leaves and seeds. These are then distilled and bottled.

Imagine peeling an orange? The smell immediately fills the room as does cooking onions, garlic, or spices.

My Grandmother used to fill her house with fragrant fresh flowers in every room thus

triggering my interest in aroma – therapy.

During the first world war a French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse discovered

aromatherapy by accident when treating injured soldiers.

He realised that those treated with lavender or rosemary plants taken from the wild healed quicker or responded better than those who were not given these plants.

In more ancient history there is recordings of Ancient Greeks and Romans using extracts of flowers and plants for healing or aromatic purposes in their homes.

With modern living we are proud of our homes. As a nation we spend a lot of money on décor, interiors and making the home comfortable.

The Scandinavian way of Hygge has become adopted in the UK and we all now use candles,diffusers, and home fragrances to enhance our homes.

Using good quality fragrances and essential oil products enhances your wellbeing. Products made from synthetic fragrances or wax are not beneficial long term when regularly inhaled.

Bluebell Oil for example, heals the soul, heals the environment and creates a real sense of harmony.

Jasmine is a mood booster, whereas Rose Geranium truly benefits health, in particular

women’s health as it can help with fatigue, stress or hormone fluctuation.

The use of essential oils in the home as well as for the body can help to improve health and are known to help:

Relax, calm, energise, uplift, balance, harmonise, cleanse and digest and much more. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang for example are known to be aphrodisiac!

Used regularly essential oil products can help to ease Anxiety, stress, tension, depression. Aches and pains. Headaches, nausea, sleep issues and hormonal issues.

I realised that when working with my clients as a life guide/coach and counsellor that they would benefit from something extra by using therapy in the home through natural oils hence therefore Fragrances by Stephanie was created.

Heal yourself. Heal your home.


Stephanie Weager,

Stephanie is a life coach and well being consultant with a huge client base of 35 years plus and is accredited by the LOC in Harley Street. She is also a fragrance designer using essential oils, designing Artisan Products for home and beauty. She is based in Stroud.

www.fragrancesbystephanie.co.uk stephanie.enquiries@gmail.com

IG: @stephanielifeguard @fragrancesbystephanie



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