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Quick glance tips for coping with Lockdown Anxiety.

Updated: Mar 27

Sarah Cutler I CWC Director I 25 January 2021

Right about now we're all probably feeling a bit stressed and drained. We’re in our third?? lockdown (I’ve lost count), the kids need home-schooling and many of us trying to work from home or out of work completely. It all seems never-ending and it’s completely understandable that many of us feel like we’re being consumed with anxiety. But there are little tips and techniques that can help us to try and manage those anxious feelings.

》Practice Intentional Response > every morning try saying to yourself "today I will respond to things with positivity & courage". But don't feel bad if you can't! Be kind and go easy on yourself!

》Stay Connected > your social village is there for a reason, to support and raise each other up! Check in on each other virtually!

》Do Things You Love > even when stuck at home, to remind us of the joy in life! Redirect anxious mental and physical energy from your body into a hobby or activity.

》Nourish your body > with healthy food and drink for better physical and mental wellbeing.

》Self Care > at least 10 minutes a day for a luxurious bath or a coffee and magazine, whatever feels like a pampering or brings you a moment of contentment.

》Get Outdoors > wrap up and get that fresh air, light for Serotonin and a change of scene!

》Research some breathing and calming exercises. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and hypnosis are all excellent ways to calm body and mind.

》Reduce your screen time and how much you watch the news. Try to lessen the negativity you are being exposed to.

》Talk or Write Down Your Worries > a problem shared lightens your burden, even sharing with a notebook!

》Remember > everything you've survived before! You can do this! WE CAN DO THIS! The human race has survived worse!


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