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Hiring our CWC Assistant for your Marketing and Admin Support.

We know what it can be like to be a female owner of a small business. You know that marketing is a huge and vital aspect to the success of your business – to engage customers and build your reputation, but time and funds to allocate to this can be tight. You spend your day doing what makes your business…well….your business, and spend the evenings looking after children and pets, cooking dinners or packing school lunches, bathing little people and reading bedtime stories. Small businesses often simply can’t afford to hire their own marketing team and marketing agencies can be expensive.

But there is another option. Our CWC Business Assistant can provide marketing and administration support for you on an hourly, daily or more regular basis.

What will you get from us?

The support you need, from someone who understands your hectic lifestyle, who won’t charge you the earth, who cares about women and their businesses and you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

Our services include:

Website Design - So we can’t code in HTML but actually not many people in marketing can – that’s the domain of the web developer that marketing firms will employ. But we can create awesome websites using programmes like Wix that are great for small companies because they’re straightforward to use and maintain. We'll liaise closely with you to get an idea of the type of website you would like, the features you require and the creative design that will suit your brand. We can also offer training to teach you how to use Wix to edit and manage your website.

Website Maintenance - Already have your website setup but it feels out of date or you simply can't find the time to keep it updated? We can help bring the style and content of your site up to date or maintain your site for you on a regular basis.

Content and Copywriting - We can create your content and copywriting for various platforms and materials such as websites, social media, advertisements, blogs, newsletters, automated and scheduled campaigns, brochures, training manuals, invitations, press releases and other marketing materials. Why not take a look on our website’s Business Advertising page to learn about our Ad Design Service.

Social Media - need help with your social media accounts? No problem! Social media is changing on a daily basis so it remains a continuing learning curve for us all. We can assist you in setting up and synching your social media accounts and provide those little tips to gain followers and increase engagement. Increasing followers and engagement is great for business but it also takes up a lot of time that many people simply don't have. We can carry out regular sessions paid by the hour where we research and interact with new connections for you and monitor enquiries and responses. Need great social content? We can design and create eye-catching content for you and analyse engagement for you once it's been posted to assess what is engaging your audience the most.

Contacts and Communications - We can help manage and maintain your contacts database and subscriber mailing lists, including synching contacts to email campaigns. We can carry out networking research and maintain your LinkedIn account, finding new and relevant contacts that could benefit your business. We can also write press releases for your events and communicate with contacts for you.

Administration - need some administration completed? Get in touch to talk to us about your needs.

Regular Contracts - do you need some support for a longer project or period of time? Talk to us about regular or long-term contracts.


If you're interested in hiring our CWC Assistant, get in touch at contact@cotswoldwomenscollective.co.uk and we’ll arrange a chat.

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