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Essential Oils

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Health and Wellbeing Guru Stephanie Weager gives a quick guide to using essential oils for fragrance.

Stephanie Weager I Health & Wellbeing I 24 June 21.


Aromatherapy – literally meaning Therapy from the Aroma has been widely acknowledged for centuries. The use of essential oils from flowers and plants have benefitted the health and well-being of people since Roman times. Gladiators were given lavender oil before being sent off to their fate!

My passion with the therapeutic properties came from an early age when as a child I gathered rose petals, lavender, citrus peel – mixing them together , drying them for weeks and then using them in a potpourri a practice used in Elizabethan times to mask unwanted odours!

My Mother and both of my Grandmothers were keen on flowers. They would each fill their homes with vases of highly scented flowers or plants. The fragrances appeared to make the home happier.

I became focused on the benefits of using fragrance and five years ago I took a diploma course in essential oils and also began extensive research into producing high quality fragrance products for the home and the body using all natural ingredients.

Now, Fragrances by Stephanie has a collection of high quality, vegan friendly, natural products that creates the perfect ambience, fragrance and relaxation for the mind, body and soul and more importantly the home!

Everyone loves a candle and the glow of a lit wick burning natural wax with pure essential oils is healing in a jar. For those concerned about a naked flame, the diffusers work exactly the same.

Bluebell for example creates memories of walks in the woods, it also heals the soul helping to ease anxiety, depression, sadness and more, whereas Rose Geranium supports womens’ health as well as helping to ease fatigue.

Jasmine is excellent for romance, libido and I am told by many of my clients – helps grumpy men to be less grumpy – now that must be worthwhile.

Fragrance for the home is very important to create a stress free, odour-free pleasant environment.

Bring the outdoors in!


Stephanie Weager - Health & Wellbeing

Stephanie is a life coach and well being consultant with a huge client base of 35 years plus. She is accredited by the LOC in Harley Street. She is also a fragrance designer using essential oils, designing Artisan Products for home and beauty.





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