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Business Spotlight Interview - Jan Draper of Doux-Amour, Stow-on-the-Wold.

Updated: Jan 27

Sarah Cutler I CWC Director I 23 Jan 22.

Nestled in the market town of Stow-on-the-Wold, Doux-Amour is the Boutique and Lingerie owned by fashion passionista Jan Draper. From sustainable clothing made from Bamboo to luxury bridal lingerie, Jan loves nothing more than helping the residents of Stow and beyond look and feel fabulous! We caught up with Jan to find out more about Doux-Amour...

CWC: Jan, thank you so much for chatting with us today. So you are the owner of Doux Amour – a Boutique and Lingerie in Stow on the Wold. Tell us a little about your boutique and how long it’s been open for.

J: We are coming up to our 3rd anniversary this April, given the world wide epidemic it’s certainly been a challenging time to survive. Thanks to all our lovely customers who have remained loyal despite everything.

We are a boutique which also sells Lingerie and we are able to offer a Bra fitting Service, which is inclusive of ladies who have undergone surgery. Our fashion brands are mainly classic which fosters the principle of sustainable fashion and which caters for all ages.

Visitors to Doux Amour can expect a warm welcome and honest advice, when asked for of course!

CWC: Did you always want to open a boutique?

J: I think so, ever since I managed a Shoe Shop in my early 20s. Not so exciting when your working for a large Corporation. I promised myself then if I could ever go back to retail it would only be if it was my own shop.

CWC: Do you design any of the clothes or are they all sourced from other designers? You must have to have a good eye for fashion. Is fashion something you’re passionate about?

J: I source all my clothes from Suppliers. I love the buying process as much as the selling! I don’t think you can be successful in the fashion industry unless you have a passion for it. I love colours and textures and find it so rewarding when customers come in to buy but don’t know what they need. Their look of satisfaction when they leave with a co-ordinated outfit they would never themselves have dreamed to put together, is just fantastic.

CWC: Do you have a favourite designer or style that you love? I noticed a beautiful floral maxi dress by Eb & Ive on your website. Tell us about your favourite pieces you currently have in stock.

J: I love so many styles and I enjoy discovering new Brands I think my customers will like. That Maxi has been really popular, we have just 1 left now! Eb and IVE is a really great Australian Brand who use super soft Viscose and linens, they really know how to make clothes for the warmer climes.

Some of my current favourite pieces, are from Danish brands such as Cream and Gomaye. They are using more and more sustainable fabrics like Bamboo, which feels so beautiful against the skin. Their price points are also reasonable yet offering great quality and style.

CWC: You also offer a bra fitting service too don’t you. Tell us a little about that.

J: In a small Market town, this service is proving such a success with ladies from Stow and the surrounding villages who really appreciate being able to shop for bras locally and receive a fitting service when they require it. My secret weapon is by Rosa Faia (a German Brand) and I have nick- named it “a pair of slippers for your boobs”...the slogan speaks for itself!

We also sell Care Bras for ladies who have had surgery. My mission when I opened in 2019. Was to find a brand that were fit for purpose yet pretty! Anita UK I believe does this.

CWC: Tell us a little about yourself, what do you like to do when you’re not working?

J: I’m a real home bird. We are fortunate to live quite isolated with 360 surround views of the Cotwolds, it’s bliss and easy to relax there with my Partner and our 2 dogs.

CWC: Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to share with us?

J: We are currently still focusing on adding to the website and increasing our following. I really want to expand the lingerie side of the business to be as prominent as the fashion side. To this end we are currently building a separate Lingerie website. I’ve also sourced two UK specialist lingerie Ateliers that I’m associating with. In particular we are promoting a Bridal Range. After all every Bride deserves a wedding outfit for the wedding night too!

10% off in Doux-Amour when you mention the Cotswold Womens' Collective


Doux Amour


01451 870 096

Griffin House, Digbeth Street, Stow on the Wold, GL54 1BN.

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