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Contact Databases.


We can help manage and maintain your contacts database and subscriber mailing lists, including synching contacts to email campaigns.


Networking Research.


We can carry out networking research, identifying beneficial contacts on social media and Linkedin or email campaign contacts.

LinkedIn Content.

If you're a business, it's not necessarily only social media you need content for. More and more businesses are using LinkedIn not only to network but to share content that will gain your business recognition. We can help with concepts and designs for content that are dedicated for a business platform like LinkedIn rather than social media.


Press Releases.


If you find the task of writing overwhelming, we'll happily write press releases for you!

Email Campaigns.

Automated and actionable email campaigns can take a while to get the hang of, but are really important for reaching your customers and potential business network. We can help you get started on MailChimp or design and create templates for you. Not sure what to even put in your emails? We can help develop concepts for newsletters, one-off email campaigns or a campaign series.