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I absolutely loved getting to know Natalie Rushton when we carried out our recent Business Spotlight Interview on Our Baby Club. Natalie is so passionate about what she does and the way she values the well-being of her clients is so inspiring! Becoming a parent is an overwhelming experience, but the support Natalie and her team provide every step of the way makes it that bit easier - in short, they are every parent's dream!

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Here at the Cotswold Women's Collective we are looking to develop a new segment to our existing CWC Local Business Promotion Services, our brand new Business Experience and Product Reviews. Our aim is to produce useful, positive reviews of local services and products, documenting our experience for our local audience (and our followers from further afield). Our Experience Reviews will be posted on the CWC website, Instagram, Facebook and in our subscriber newsletter.


 Our reviews will be a combination of text, photos and reels to encourage locals and non-locals to use local Cotswolds services. A review can cover existing services overall or highlight an upcoming offer, or perhaps introduce a newly launched service.

February 2022


It was great getting to learn more about Jan Draper's passion for fashion in our latest Business Spotlight Interview. Jan owns Doux-Amour in Stow-on-the-Wold, a boutique AND lingerie which also offers a bra fitting service! What really came across when getting to know Jan is her love of helping people, whether it's helping people feel more confident by putting together an outfit for them or helping women a comfortable fitting bra, especially for post-surgery ladies. Drop in to Doux-Amour if you're in Stow, mention the CWC and you'll get a 10% discount.

January 2022

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DIRECTOR'S COLUMN : 'Giving yourself permission to get better guilt-free'.


I posted recently that I was thinking of writing a column and I asked what it was that people would like to hear about? A common suggestion was how us women deal with pressure and self-confidence, especially when it comes to our professional life. Feelings of inadequacy and failure, imposter syndrome, the rollercoaster of watching other’s success and trying not to compare ourselves to them, all the while trying to keep a hundred different plates spinning! I wasn’t sure what my first piece would be about, but in the end, the topic ended up finding me instead! I managed to dodge the Covid bullet for two years but finally it has caught up with me..... READ POST.

March 2022