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I absolutely loved getting to know Natalie Rushton when we carried out our recent Business Spotlight Interview on Our Baby Club. Natalie is so passionate about what she does and the way she values the well-being of her clients is so inspiring! Becoming a parent is an overwhelming experience, but the support Natalie and her team provide every step of the way makes it that bit easier - in short, they are every parent's dream!


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Sarah is a writer writing primarily but not solely on topics of mental health, well-being, women and parenting. She is available to write articles, columns, blogs, reviews and other media posts.

Sarah is also a marketing professional available for content and copywriting on a range of subjects. You can find out more about her marketing services here CWC Business Assistant.


About Sarah and the CWC

While at university many years ago Sarah ended up taking four modules in feminist art history and theory, and it seemed that once she let those ideas in, they stuck around in the back of her subconscious, without her necessarily even being aware of the influence they were having over her. In 2019 she found herself beginning to write and blog about mental health for women using her own experiences and in 2020 agreed to be part of the new Cotswolds Women Show on Cotswolds Radio. In February 2021 she launched the CWC as a platform for local women to inspire empowerment and self-confidence in one another.