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There are a number of ways we can help you with your copy and content-writing! But wait - isn’t copywriting and content-writing the same thing?? Well you’d be completely forgiven for thinking they were! When used by businesses, they ultimately share a similar end goal – to sell a business and its products or services, but no, they are no exactly the same, and the simplest way to give an idea of the difference between the two is by listing some of the copy and content services we offer.





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Essentially - copywriting is selling your brand through ‘marketing materials’ – website info, brochures, ad’s, while content writing is a way of subtly telling an audience about it – articles, blog posts, social reel scripts. Copywriting is - designing and adding a new blog area to your website, Content-Writing is – the posts you add to it afterwards.


We’ve carried out copywriting and content-writing for a range of industries including well-being, software and building control, not to mention everything you see from the CWC on our website or social media is a form of copywriting and content-writing.


Why not get in touch for a chat about your copy or content writing needs. Whether you need a one-off flyer, a complete overhaul of your website copy or a shiny new blog and a creator for its content – we’re here to relieve your copy and content headache!


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