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We know that small businesses sometimes struggle to find the time they need to complete all the administrative and marketing tasks on their to do list. Through a wide range of business support services, we can give you more time to concentrate on doing what you do best and growing your business.

Marketing in particular takes time, knowledge and creative flare. Often new or small businesses simply do not have the time or finances to invest in the marketing their business needs. That's where we come in, ready to help by taking on some of those marketing tasks.

Think you need a mixture of services but not sure what is a priority or what you can currently afford to seek assistance with? We can have a chat on the phone so I can get to understand what you require then I can put together a proposal tailored for you, with absolutely no pressure from me for you to commit.



Website Design 

We're not HTML web developers, but we can create awesome websites using Wix that are straightforward to use and maintain. We'll liaise closely with you to get an idea of the type of website you would like, the features you require and the creative design that will suit your brand. We can also offer training to teach you how to use Wix to edit and manage your website.

Website Maintenance

Already have your website setup but it feels out of date or you simply can't find the time to keep it updated? We can help bring the style and content of your site up to date or maintain your site for you on a regular basis. 

Content and Copywriting

We can create your content and copywriting for various platforms and materials such as websites, social media, advertisements, blogs, newsletters, automated and scheduled campaigns, brochures, training manuals, invitations, press releases and other marketing materials. Find out about our business advertising>

Social Media


Need help setting up your social media accounts? No problem! Social media is changing on a daily basis so it remains a continuing learning curve for us all. We can assist you in setting up and synching your social media accounts and provide those little tips to gain followers and increase engagement. Increasing followers and engagement is great for business but it also takes up a lot of time that many people simply don't have. We can carry out regular sessions paid by the hour where we research and interact with new connections for you and monitor enquiries and responses.


Need great content? We can come up with concepts and series for social media content and design templates that are easy for you to edit and reuse again. We can also research the best performing and most beneficial hashtags for your posts and business. We can also combine this with a beginner online marketing plan. Happy with the outcome...then later we can progress to what's next for your online marketing.

Think you need a mixture of the above but not sure what is a priority or what you can currently afford to seek assistance with? We can have a chat on the phone so I can get to understand what you require then I can put together a proposal tailored for you, with absolutely no pressure from me for you to commit.

Contacts and Communications

We can help manage and maintain your contacts database and subscriber mailing lists, including synching contacts to email campaigns. We can carry out networking research and maintain your LinkedIn account, finding new and relevant contacts that could benefit your business. We can also write press releases for your events and communicate with contacts for you. Don't forget - it's not only social media you need content for, you also need content for LinkedIn to market your business - we can help with concepts and designs dedicated for a business platform.


Need some administration completed? Get in touch to talk to us about your needs.

Regular Contracts

Do you need some support for a longer project or period of time? Talk to us about regular or long-term contracts.

Other CWC Business Services

Don't forget - the CWC also offers other business services that can help with promoting your business, including our Business Spotlight Interviews, our CWC Business Reviews, our Business Advertising Bundles, our Business Service Exchange and collaboration opportunities. Find out more about these on our Businesses page.


I first spoke to Sarah not long after starting Lingotot West Oxford and as so many small business owners (who are also mums and trying to keep on top of everything during  a global pandemic!) I was drowning trying to get my business off the ground and operational.  While I was fairly sure on my social media strategy I needed some urgent help in creating tools to make my life easier. Running a children's language business means I am busy negotiating contracts, finding venues, networking, operating my business and most importantly planning and creating engaging lessons for children. Social media was therefore low on my priorities, and rushed, with posts being scheduled on an adhoc basis in the wee hours of the morning.

Enter stage left Sarah and the CWC.  I joined CWC very early on in my journey - I loved the idea of connecting with other female led businesses in my local area, then I started speaking to Sarah about how the CWC Business Assist could help me.  Sarah took the time to get to know me, and my business, listening to me waffle on about what I was trying to do - who my potential clients were/are and the different services I offered within the community. She sent me a detailed proposal with suggestions for how she could help, focussing on the areas that would save me the most amount of time, and allow me to do what I am best at. The proposal was well thought out, personalised, reflected my needs and was very competitively priced with some reciprocal marketing included allowing me to reach a wider network as a bonus. I commissioned Sarah to focus on a content series for me for Instagram, and some detailed hashtag research initially. The work produced was on brand, high quality and complete with simple instructions meaning my scheduling time is now halved.


I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough for anyone who needs help with marketing tasks and have found her to be patient, insightful and thorough. I very much look forward to working with Sarah and the CWC more moving forward when further needs arise.

Catherine Garret - Lingotot West Oxford



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