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Business advertising on websites can be expensive and even local advertising can often run into the eye-watering thousands, a price that for many small businesses is simply not affordable! Here at the Cotswold Womens' Collective one of our key values is being inclusive, so while we can't give away advertising for free (it's what will keep the CWC operating itself), our advertising will always be affordable for our members at a fraction of the cost you would be charged elsewhere. On top of that, as we are a new platform we're also offering an even lower introductory rate while we grow our traffic and members.

We charge by advertising Display Bundles, meaning for the price your advert is displayed on all of our platforms - here on the CWC website, on our social media and in our newsletter which is sent to all of our members and subscribers. We will also display ads for longer than the standard ten days often used in advertising meaning your advert will be seen for longer, so combined with our cross platform bundles and very competitive pricing, our business advertising really is great value for money!


Not confident in creating your own adverts? No problem! We also offer an advert creation service. Our Design and Display Bundles include everything from the above Display Bundle but we also design and create your advertisement for you. We will liaise closely with you to understand the advert you want and provide drafts during the design process for your approval.

Advert Size Options

Medium Square or Rectangle

Popular for: Size and compatibility! While their size provides the space to add more details, their simple shape makes them compatible with all platforms.


Compatible with website (desktop and mobile), social media and newsletter.



Popular for: One of best performing advert types due to being high up on a website page at eye-level as a page loads.

Compatible with website and newsletter.

Design altered to become compatible with social media.


Slide Show

Popular for: A slide show advert can include multiple images with limited text sections. The speed with which the slides change can be altered meaning you can decide how much information you wish them to see and how quickly.

Compatible with website.

Design altered to become compatible with social media and newsletter.

Size is flexible.




Popular for: Grabbing attention due to its size and placement in the side margins of a desktop website view.

A skyscraper is not compatible with the mobile/tablet version of a website or social media and newsletters. An alternative square or rectangle version will be needed for these purposes.

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 Advert Design Service

If you feel you lack the time or perhaps the skill to design your own advert, why not hire us to design and create it for you? We'll liaise closely with you to discuss your concept and requirements and provide reports during the design process to make sure your advert is exactly as you need it to be.

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Designers gouache paint on 350gm water colour paper

£65 Unframed 12” x 16”

£85 Framed 17” x 24”

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