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Business Spotlight Interviews - £69    NOW £49

Our business spotlight interviews feature local female business owners or employees. In preparation the CWC will chat with the individual to get to know them better and carry out research about their business. We then formulate around eight questions that showcase the individual's background, services, talents and a little about their personality and personal life.


Each interview also includes photographs and a business profile section. Our interviews are posted on our websites with a link shared to our social media and in our subscriber newsletter.

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Feature Articles - £69   NOW £49


Ideal for those who would like to be featured in one of our articles but would like to showcase one specific area rather than be asked like several questions such as in our Spotlight Interviews. It could be that you have a new project or event or a new product line or service that you'd like to let people know about. Perhaps you would just like an opportunity to increase your public profile or reputation and want to formulate the feature article around a specific topic or opinion you may have, we're happy to hear all suggestions.

Our Feature article are also ideal for anyone who may already have been featured in one of our Spotlight Interviews but has a new service or product they'd like to talk about.


Local Interest Articles

Our local interest articles feature news, stories, project and other topics of local interest. If you have a topic you would like to be featured please get in touch.


Guest Writer Articles

Whether you have a passion for writing or would just like to share your opinions, skill or expertise, please talk to us about submitting an article. All articles are published on our website with a link posted to social media and in our subscriber newsletter. We are open to pieces on a range of subjects such as local topics, wellbeing, health, mental health, fitness, business and motherhood and parenting. Have another idea - we're all ears!! Articles can be submitted on a one-off or regular basis by becoming one of our CWC Columnists. 

To enquire about being featured in or submitting an article please get in touch at