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When I started the Cotswold Womens’ Collective it was with a clear purpose in mind, to inspire wellbeing and self-confidence. But why this in particular?


I've written numerous times on the subject of self-esteem - and particularly about that sudden moment of realisation - that all those women you admire from a far because they seem like they have it all together - beautiful on the inside and out, smiley, happy, smart, that appear to have life totally sussed – are actually full of self-doubt and criticism just like the rest of us. The list of reasons of why all these wonderful women are feeling so down on themselves can be endless , but they don't deserve it - because they are the warriors in this world - a place that seems to amuse itself by throwing all the obstacles it can at us! But they keep going! Keep fighting! Keep achieving!


I created the CWC to bring all these exceptional women daily reminders of their strength, their abilities, and of course....their infinite and immeasurable worth!

Sarah Cutler



What we do

We're all about great content! Whether it's inspiring social media posts, informative articles or spotlight interviews on local women in business or topics of interest, we love to share content that inspires and moves people. We also love to share all that is local - news, offers, vacancies, competitions - anything that shines a light on what is taking place around the Cotswolds or just beyond.

We also love to collaborate - whether on projects, partnerships, events or other ideas, so please get in touch if you'd like to talk about potentially working with us.


We also help local businesses through advertisements, interviews and reviews. Find out more here>

About Sarah

Sarah is a writer and marketing professional in the Cotswolds. Something that very few people know about her is that while at university many years ago she ended up taking four modules in feminist art history and theory, and it seemed that once she let those ideas in, they stuck around in the back of her subconscious, without her necessarily even being aware of the influence they were having over her.


So although she went into marketing, in 2019 she found herself beginning to write and blog about mental health for women and in 2020 agreed to be part of the new Cotswolds Women Show on Cotswolds Radio. In February 2021 she launched the CWC as a platform for local women to inspire empowerment and self-confidence in one another.

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